Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Spotlight: Daniel Day-Lewis

Sunday Spotlight on Daniel Day-Lewis

This week, let's take a look at the work of Daniel Day-Lewis. Two of my personal favorite fims he has been in are There Will Be Blood and Gangs Of New York. Those really stand out in his body of work because of the characters he played and the way he played them. Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood was dynamic to say the least. He is legendary for being a method actor. Going so far as to getting frost bitten during Gangs Of New York because he insisted on wearing the period clothing. Perhaps it is his total immersion into his character that helped him win 23 acting awards for his performance in There Will be Blood, including the coveted Oscar. He has a very broad history in films, all very much worth checking out. With Lincoln opening wide in less than a week, his performance is already being talked about for Oscar nomination. Check out Daniel Day-Lewis this week, see for yourself what makes him one of the best actors working today.

Daniel Day-Lewis on the Internet Movie Database

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  1. It is amazing he only won 2 Academy Awards. He was also great in My Left Foot (his first Oscar) and the Crucible. No one can scream "whore" like he does in The Crucible. I think part of his brilliance is that he doesn't make too many movies so each performance feels special.