Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Releases 11/20/12

 The Tuesday before Black Friday brings us only one big new release but a few rereleases and box sets worth checking out. A little something for everyone today.

The big release this week is the action movie The Expendables 2 bringing together some of the biggest action stars.

For the non-action oriented movie fans out there Disney is releasing Cinderella on Blu-Ray

Disney is also releasing Cinderella Part’s 2 and 3 ( I was unaware there were that many Cinderella’s) 

The new release I am most excited for is the Quentin Tarantino Box Set Tarantino XX with 8 of his movies.

The small movie Alter Egos comes out about super hero’s with personality disorders.

To put you in the Christmas Spirit there is the Sequel Santa Paws 2.

For the anime fans there is the Blu-Ray release of the well-reviewed Grave of the Fireflies

One of the strangest and most hated movies ever made Heaven's Gate is getting some life on Blu-Ray. While I have not seen the movie it got awful reviews when released and is credited with bankrupting UA studios.

Any Doobie Brothers Fans out there. Here is the documentary about the band.

A couple of movies for the Horror movie fans out there.

The Puppet Master collection with the first three movies on Blu-Ray

 Also the Documentary I Heart Monster Movies

For the classic film fans is the 7 Movie Box Set of The Thin Man series. The first two are great but haven’t seen the rest.

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