Friday, November 2, 2012

Movie Review - A Christmas Story 2

A Christmas Story 2

Directed by Brian Levant

A Christmas Story 2 is a direct to video sequel to the much loved original A Christmas Story. Bob Clark and Jean Shepherd created something very special in that film. This lacks everything that had. The sequel picks up with the Parker family 5 years after Ralphie got his beloved Red Ryder BB gun(with a compass in the stock.) Ralphie has his eye on a car and, a girl. Drucilla is her name (the girl, not the car.) Ralphie's Mom and The Old Man are there too. Daniel Stern plays Ralphie's dad. Giving a very painful impression of Darren McGavin from the original. He sounds more like a constipated Mr. Magoo. Braeden Lemasters (The Stepfather) is Raphie, beloved blue eyed kid obsessed with BB guns. Here he belongs in a Porky's movie. The character's are just a horrible imitation of what made us love the original. Ralphie's pals Flick and Schwartz are there too but, just for painful comedy relief.

The Jokes used here are just recycled from the original. Nat Mauldin wrote the teleplay here. A very capable writer having done Doctor Doolittle and Open Season to name a couple. Sexy lamp leg? CHECK! Angry Santa Claus? CHECK! Chinese Chop Suey? CHECK! Aunties silly clothes? CHECK! Seriously, find some new material. I guess if it worked the first time, we're stupid enough to like it again. Wrong. Brian Levant is a very good director, having been a staple at Universal in the 90's. He did The Flintstones, Beethoven, Jingle All The Way and many more family films. I guess everyone has to slum it from time to time. I don't think the Jean Shepherd sound alike narrator helped here either. This is every bit as bad as you would think it is. Only worse.

0 stars

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