Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Releases 11/27/12

This week there are lots of new releases coming to home video. 

The Men in Black are back after 10 years and they are traveling back in time in the biggest release this week MIB IIII

The super natural animated film ParaNorman is also coming out

Step Up Revolution another Step Up in 3-D and without Channing Tatum

Lawless a summer movie that never really caught on. About a family of Bootleggers based on the book The Wettest Country in the World

Sparkle is Whitney Houston’s last movie about a girl group in the 60’s.

The Apparition a super natural horror movie that’s all I know about this one.

The Day-A post-apocalyptic movie from Canada that I am not sure ever had a release here in the states.

6 Degrees of Hell- Corey Feldman was once a big star in the 80’s now he is a big star of straight to video releases.

Stash House- another straight to video release with an 80’s star. This time Dolph Lundgren buys the wrong house.

Some Guy Who Kills People- Another direct to video movie

Burning Man- An Australian family drama

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