Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Releases 11/13/12

There are three big releases this week

The biggest new release this week is the Pixar movie Brave. About a girl who wants to change her destiny.

The little seen Ben Stiller comedy The Watch is also being released. About a neighborhood watch that fights aliens

The last big movie coming out is Oliver Stone’s thriller Savages. About a Mexican drug cartel that tries to take over a 3 person marijuana growing operation.

A couple of independent movies are also coming out on home video.

Dark Horse which I know very little about but sounds like a very dark and depressing movie

Julie Delpy directs and stars in 2 Days in New York a sequel to her movie 2 Days in Paris. This one she plays Chris Rock’s girlfriend and is obviously a comedy about culture shock. But Chris Rock plays a more down to earth character then he usually does.

The independent documentary Queen of Versailles is also coming out. About Jackie and David Siegel as they try to build a giant luxury home but the economy collapses their money begins to dry up.

Pretty much a direct to home video release Vamps reunites director Amy Heckerling and star Alicia Silverstone for a vampire comedy.

Getting a Collector’s Edition release is the 2009 movie Watchman with the graphic novel included.

A couple of movies getting anniversary releases

Hard to believe that it 10 years ago that My Big Fat Greek Wedding came out. But now you can get the 10th Anniversary Edition

And getting a 50th Anniversary Release is the Best Picture Winner from 1962 Lawrence of Arabia. Fun Fact at 3 hours and 47 minutes it is considered the longest movie without any female speaking parts. With a 3 disc set and lots of extras I doubt that it adds any

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