Sunday, September 29, 2013

Milwaukee Film Fest 2013: When the King Tilts

For my second movie of my first day at the festival I decided to go with a local film When the King Tilts.  This movie was filmed at a Bed and Breakfast in Door County and is the feature directoral debut of Drew Britton.

The movie is about Sam the owner of a Bed and Breakfast who after closing for the season comes back to find two women Carol and J.L.  have made themselves at home.  They are looking for a place for a family reunion and wanted to check out his place.  After convincing Sam to let them stay the three of them start a psychological journey as they deal with the unknown and each other's secrets.

Sam is a guy who thinks he has everything figured out. He has been running the B&B for a long time and has seen almost everything. He believes he has his life in balance. When the two women show up it throws everything out of whack. They are brash but at the same time alluring. He doesn't know much about their past but it is the mystery that makes them so interesting. He is also a secretive guy that doesn't let people get close. Things get more complicated when he starts having feelings for Carol. 

As one guy put it in the Q&A this is a slice of life movie. Which is both unique and frustrating. As the movie is about secrets I kept waiting for a big reveal. But as in real life we don't always find out what everyone's  secrets are. 

What this movie does have going for it is the incredible cast. The manage to fill each scene with increasing tension. This was apparently accomplished by filming in chronological order over 7 days.

It presents a situation that could possibly happen with all the complexities that go along with encountering the new and different.  It leaves you thinking about your own experienced when new people come into your life for a short period of time and turn your world upside down. 

Overall: 4 Out of 5 stars. Great cast but wished it hade explained more of the backstory of the characters. 

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