Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Milwaukee Film Festival Day 11: The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

When I saw that there was another Jeffrey Dahmer movie coming out I was wondering what new could there be to talk about.  Seems like this has been covered enough.  Well I was wrong.  The movie uses interviews of the investigators and one of his neighbors to tell a personal story of the effect Dahmer had on them. In between interviews there are reenactments of Dahmer's everyday life like him on a bus or drinking beer by the State Fair.  

I really like the interviews with investigators especially the detective who initially interviewed him. It gave great insight to how overwhelmed the police really were. I think the most interesting interview was with the neighbor. A women that was friendly with him and initially couldn't believe that he had done anything wrong. The reinacments had me a little confused. I wasn't sure what they were trying to portray. But the director said afterward that he was trying to show the mundane parts of Dahmer's life. The ending of the movie left me wanting more. Like there could have been a bit more about the trial and Dahmer's murder in jail.

Overall 4/5 stars. Very well done and left me wanting more info.

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