Monday, October 8, 2012

Milwaukee Film Festival Day 10: Las Acasias

Las Acasias is an Argentinean film about a truck driver Ruben and his passenger Jacinta and her her 8 month old daughter Anahi. 

At first Ruben was reluctant to take a baby on such a long road trip.  But as they travel from Paraguay to Buenos Aires Ruben begins to appreciate the company. 

The movie has very little dialogue and very little happens.  It is a long and pretty uneventful road trip.  As Ruben, German de Silva does an excellent job at showing his emotion through his face without having to say a word.  The baby definitely has the cuteness factor and you can see Ruben bonding with her.  It is a romantic movie not like anything I have ever seen. 

Overall: 2/5 Great subtle acting but too slow for my taste.

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