Friday, October 12, 2012

Milwaukee Film Festival Day 11: 17 Girls

17 Girls is a French movie that is based on actual events that occured in Massachusetts where a group of girls all got pregnant at the same time.

In the movie after the popular girl gets pregnant her friends rally around her and support her.  When another girl gets pregnant they talk about how much fun it would be if they all had kids at the same time and they could all help each other and the kids will all have friends.  The it starts and each girl sets out to get pregnant..  As the story spreads through the school more and more girls get pregnant and the parents and school officials are dumbfounded.  At the end there are a total of 17 girls that are pregnant in the class. 

It is slightly disturbing to think that girls could be that bored that having a kid is the only wat to end the boredom.  While the story sounds outrageous it works. You really believe these girls are desperate for something to and are very naive about what having a baby means.  A big part of the believabilty is the acting.  All the girls in the movie do a great job.  There are some parts of the story  that feels like they could have gone more into.  And the ending felt slightly rushed and lefted some unanswered questions.

Overall 4/5 Stars. Good story, good acting but some of the story felt rushed.

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