Friday, October 5, 2012

Milwaukee Film Fest Day 7: The Invisible War

The last and best movie I saw on day 7 was the documentary The Invisible War directed by Kirby Dick (This Movie Not Yet Rated)

The Invisible War is about women who have been sexually abused and raped while serving in the military.  They interview several women who all started out young and eager to serve their country.  All the patriotism and enthusiasm change after they are raped.  But the trauma doesn't stop there.  The movie explores what happens to the perpetrators.  Since the ones committing the crimes are usually higher rank and in charge it leaves the women fearful of filing a complaint.  The complaints that are filed are often swept under the rug  and very few of the rapists are charged and punished. 

The stories of the women are heartbreaking and disturbing.  The fact that most of the men who raped the women are still actively serving and some have been promoted is even more disturbing.  The movie brings to light a problem in the military and after viewing the movie the military has changed some policies but more still needs to be done.

Overall 5/5 stars.  Disturbing documentary but brings an important issue to light and is a call to action. 

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