Friday, October 5, 2012

Milwaukee Film Fest Day 7: Policeman

The second movie I saw on day 7 was the Israeli movie Policeman. Interesting that I saw a movie from Iran then a movie from Israel back to back. 

Policeman follows two groups of people on opposite sides of the law.  First we meet a group of guys in an anti-terrorists task force.  The we meet a group of young radicals who want to make a bold statement.  After the radicals take some hostages the task force gets called in to take them out. 

While the movie has an interesting story it feels like it spends too much time on the back story of the policemen that has no bearing on the ending of the movie.  There appears to be some kind of cover up from a previous job that we never really learn about and with the attention spent on it you would expect it to have some relevance to the story but it doesn't.  By the time we get to the end and the radicals have taken their hostages the movie picks up a bit and gets more interesting but the finale is anti climatic. 

The highlight is the girl who plays one of the radicals.  She gives a great performance and wish the movie focused more on her.

Overall 2/5 Stars.  What could be an interesting story is just a boring set up with not much payoff. 

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