Thursday, October 4, 2012

Milwaukee Film Fest Day 7: Goodbye

The first of three movies I saw on day 7 was Goodbye about a pregnant Iranian woman. 

Zareh is a lawyer in Iran who works to defend human rights.  After her husband got in trouble and is gone Zareh must cope with being alone and pregnant in a country that does not value women's rights.  Her law license is revoked and she forced to seek help from from a "fixer" to try and get a visa so she can leave the country and have her baby someplace else. 

The acting is good and the story is interesting but the movie just moves very slowly.  Maybe I shouldn't have watched it after getting little sleep.  I had a very tough time trying to stay awake. 

The interesting part of this movie is the story of the director Mohammad Rasoulof.  Like the Zareh in the movie he was trying to find a visa to leave the country, but was arrested for protesting the government.  After being released from jail he made this protest movie while being monitored by the government.  So the fact that the movie got made is a miracle. 

Overall 2/5 interesting story but too slow for my tastes. 

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