Friday, March 22, 2013

New Movies Opening 3/21/13

This week we have three new wide releases opening and few limited releases coming to Milwaukee.    

First up is the animated film The Croods.  With the voices of Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds The Croods is about a prehistoric family that is forced out of their cave and needs to search for someplace new to live.  I  have been unimpressed with the  trailers so far and it does not seem like anything special.  But the movie has been getting some decent reviews and it is the only animated family movie out there and challenge  Oz: The Great and Powerful for the number one spot this weekend. 

Trying to buck the trend of R rated action thrillers and the disappointing results for his last few movies Gerard Butler is back in Olympus has Fallen.  Aiming for the more adult crowd with Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart and Angela Bassett the movie is about a takeover of the White House.  From the preview it looks like Die Hard in the White House with Gerard Butler instead of Bruce Willis.  Antoine Fuqua is known for making some good movies like Training Day but this one just isn’t getting me interested. 

The last wide release this week is the Tina Fey comedy Admission.  About a college admission officer who goes on a road trip to see a student at an alternative school and just might find love.  The movie is directed by Paul Weitz who made one of my favorite romantic comedies About a Boy and stars Tina Fey who is one of the best comedic actresses around, unfortunately it has not been getting great reviews and after The Incredible Burt Wonderstone flopped last week who knows how many people will go and see it. 

Expanding in limited release is the movie everyone was talking about at SXSW Film Festival Spring Breakers.  What happens when you take a bunch of ex Disney good girls (Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez) and send them to spring break?  Apparently they meet a weird James Franco and go wild.  When I first heard about this movie when it was playing at the Toronto Film Festival is seemed intriguing but I didn’t think it would be anything big. But apparently the buzz built up and last week it premiered in 3 theatres to a staggering $270,000 million so we will see what happens when it widens to 1,000 theatres. Playing in only a select theaters in Milwaukee.

 Also opening this weekend in Milwaukee is the horror movie Stoker.  The first English language film by Park Chan-wook the director of the Korean film Oldboy.  Staring Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, and Nicole Kidman the movie is about a family with secrets. 

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