Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Home Movie Releases 3/12/13

Lots of goodies coming out today. Two 3D movies from last year the family adventure film Rise of the Guardians featuring Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny and the Academy Award Winning Life of Pi both come out in Blu-Ray 3D. Also two movies celebrating their 25th Anniversary Willow and Who Framed Roger Rabbit get their first Blu-Ray releases.

Rise of the Guardians 3D

Life of Pi 3D

Sound City – The Dave Grohl directed music documentary features lots of great musicians.

Hitchcock- The movie tells the story of the making of Psycho with Anthony Hopkins playing Hitchcock.

Cirque Du Soleil- Worlds Away 3D -

Smashed – An Indy drama that got lots of great reviews specifically for Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s performance.

Storage 24 – A horror movie about aliens attacking a storage unit.

Two movies celebrating their 25th anniversary this year are getting fresh new Blu-ray releases.

Willow – The epic fantasy adventure of a Dwarf trying to return a human baby to its mother.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – 25th Anniversary Edition – A blend of live action and animation into one fun movie

Two movies getting Criterion releases today.

Ministry of Fear (Criterion Collection)

The Blob (Criterion Collection)

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