Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Netflix Steaming movie of the Week: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

We continue our month long look at Werner Herzog documentaries that are streaming on Netflix.

This week we are looking at Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

The movie documents some of the oldest cave paintings ever found. The Chauvet Caves in South France have drawings that date back 30,000 years along with fossils and other signs of life. The caves are off limits to the general public and those that are allowed to enter only have a limited time. Herzog was granted permission to bring a 3D camera and film down there.

For a Werner Herzog documentary this is the one that is the most different from the others.  It is still a wonderful film with great philisophical moments by Herzog.  And as a huge fan of Herzog I will watch pretty much anything he narrates. But one of the brilliance of Herzog is his interviewing and getting people to open up.  This movie has very little of that since it mostly about the caves.  I would have loved to see the movie in it's original 3D but I did not get a chance too.  Still the movie is beautifully shot and Herzog does offer his unique observations on things.  

Cave of Forgotten Dreams on Netflix


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