Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top 5 Horror films of 2012

Steve had his best documentary list a while back so, I thought I would make my best horror list. 2012 saw some great and not so great horror films. So, here is my top 5 horror films of 2012.

5. Silent House - "Inspired" by true events, I wasn't sure what to expect from Silent House. I thought it would be gimicky. Instead, it was a very tense, shocking horror film. With a very twisted ending, this is one of the truly scariest films of the year.

4. The Woman In Black - Surprise! Daniel Radcliffe can act. I called this Harry Potter and The Woman In Black when I heard of it. I was dead wrong in assuming it wouldnt be very good. It was a very atmospheric horror film. With a dark, damp, foggy London at the turn of the century, this is a great ghost story.

3. Sinister - Ethan Hawke stars in this intense horror story centered on a demon that is attracted to families. While, not a unique horror film, the scares are definetly there. Ethan Hawke keeps things together with a great performance. The soundtrack is also unique and very good here. It definetly adds to the films moody ambiance.

2. V/H/S - An anthology film by some of horror's best indie film makers, VHS caught many by surpise. Unique stories and great acting bring this film to life. This is one of the freshest horror films to come along in years.

1. The Cabin In The Woods  - A fresh horror film that blends scares and laughs very well, Cabin In The Woods is the best horror film of 2012. Joss Whedon' script is funny, quirky and unique. The cast was perfect, featuring Chris Hemsworth as the "jock." This film was in limbo for a long time at MGM. Thankfuly, Lionsgate saved it from the grave.

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