Monday, January 28, 2013

New Home Movie Releases 1/29/13

A few big releases this week and a couple of nice box sets.

Seven Psychopaths – A movie that got some good reviews and looks like a lot of fun.

Hotel Transylvania – What happens if Dracula owned a hotel for monsters? Find out in this animated movie.

Paranormal Activity 4 – The Fourth installment in the series got mixed reviews.

The Awakening – Another horror movie. This one from England

All Superheroes Must Die – What is being described as a cross between a super hero movie and saw.

Citadel – A creepy looking horror movie.

Die Hard 25th Anniversary Collection – How can you go wrong with this box set of the first 4 Die Hard Movies.

Oscar Winning Short Films – A collection of some of the recent short films to win an Oscar.

Best of Warner Brothers 50 disc set – What’s not to like in this Blu-Ray collection of 50 movies from Warner Brothers.

Best of Warner Brothers 20 Best Picture Collection – Another Warner Brothers collection this one includes the 20 WB movies that won Best Picture.

Best of Warner Brothers 100 Film Collection (on DVD) – The last Warner Brothers collection this one has 100 movies but only on DVD.

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