Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Home Video Releases 1/15/13

Lots of new releases coming out this week so lets get right to it.

Taken 2 – Liam Neeson is back kicking ass in the action sequel.

To Rome with Love – Every year Woody Allen makes a new movie. This is his latest that did not generate too much reaction.

Won’t Back Down – A social drama starring Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal

The Possession – The latest paranormal horror movie.

Allegiance – A war drama about a couple of National Guard soldiers who are trying to fight deployment to Iraq.

Farewell My Queen – A French period drama about Marie Antoinette that had a very limited release.

About Cherry – A small movie with some big names about a girls journey into the porn industry.

17 Girls – Another French movie. This one I saw at the Milwaukee Film Fest and is about girls in a seaside town who get so bored they think having a kid will make them happy and 17 girls all get pregnant around the same time.

A few special edition movies are being released.

Notebook: Ultimate Collector’s Edition – Not sure what is so ultimate about this edition but it is sure to get the ladies excited.

Prometheus to Alien: Evolution – A 9 disc collection of the 4 Alien movies and Prometheus.

We have a few classic movies that are getting released on Blu-Ray today.

How Green Was My Valley – John Ford is known for his Westerns but this is one of his dramas and more notably known for beating Citizen Kane for Best Picture in 1942.

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)– A Hitchcock classic. He liked it so much he remade into another classic in 1956

Sleeper – As mentioned earlier Wood Allen directs a movie almost once a year. This is one of his earlier movies from 1973.

Hannah and Her Sisters – Another Woody Allen movie this one from 1986 that won Michael Caine a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Wuthering Heights (1939)- 1939 is considered one of the greatest years for movies. This is one of the movies that helps 1939 get that reputation.

Gentleman’s Agreement – A Best Picture winner from 1947 the movie explores anti-Semitism in the late 40’s. A rare Best Picture winner that had a social agenda.

Best Years of Our Lives – And the list of Best Picture winners getting released on Blu-Ray grows. This is one of the best WWII films around.

There are a few documentaries being released today also.

Runaway Slave – I have to admit I never heard of this one before but it takes a look at why African Americans vote Democratic when it was the Republicans that freed the slaves. It has Glenn Beck, Andrew Breibart, and Herman Caine as commentators.

Detropia – Another documentary that has a focus on African Americans in America. This movie played at the Milwaukee Film Festival and has gotten high praise. It’s focus is on the rise and fall of Detroit and the people that live there. With no talking head the movie is told through interviews with residents.

The Other Dream Team – The story of the Lithuania Olympic Basketball Team in 1992

5 Broken Cameras – And another documentary from the Milwaukee Film Fest and ended up getting an Oscar Nomination for Best Documentary. The movie is about the conflict in Palestine.

I am Bruce Lee – A documentary about Bruce Lee

China Heavyweight – The last documentary on this list to play at the Milwaukee Film Festival. About a weightlifter in China who is chosen to go to the Olympics.

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