Saturday, December 29, 2012

Worst Movies of 2012

Well it’s that time of year where everyone starts making their best and worst of the year lists so why should we be any different. 
This week we are going to post our bottom five movies of the year.  Next week we will do our top of the year 

First up is Steve.

First let me say since I did not see a whole lot of movies this year I was a bit picky about the ones I did see.  I have to say I did not see any really awful movies this year, so consider these my biggest disappointments.   They are good but not as great as either I hoped or as others said they were.

5.  The Grey – This was one of the first movies of the year to start getting reviews so I was excited when it became available on Netflix Streaming.  Maybe it was because I was distracted when watching it but I could not get into it.  The premise sounded like it would be cool and Liam Neeson is a great actor but it just didn’t work for me.

4.  Ted – The first time I saw the preview for this movie I laughed my ass off.  I could not wait to see it. But after watching it almost every funny part was in the Red Band trailer.  You pretty much knew what part was coming up next.  The movie was funny and maybe if I watch it again I will laugh more but I felt this was one of those movies were the trailer gave too much away.

3.  Skyfall – The Best Bond Movie of all time?  Not in my opinion.  Again this was a good movie but I had a few issues with it.  First off the movie was too long.  The characters and set up were great, but the action just wasn’t captivating.  Sam Mendes is a great director and this was his first action movie and it showed. 

2.  Beasts of the Southern Wild – This movie got great reviews out of Sundance and is on many top 10 of 2012 but for me it came up short.  The young actress Quvenzhane Wallis is phenomenal in it and deserves all the recognition she is getting. But I never really got the point of the movie or connected with the characters. 

1. Prometheus – My biggest disappointment of 2012.  Ridley Scott heading back into the Alien universe.  Sounded like it was going to be awesome.  But the movie was trying to make a statement about the origin of life and the pursuit of immortality.  It had some really lofty ideas but failed to make any sense.  The one stand out was Michael Fassbender as the android David.  He did an amazing job even though what his character was doing made no sense and his motives were never explained.  I don’t mind being challenged and made to  think by a movie but at least give me the pieces to put it together.  After the movie came out there were all these viral videos released that was supposed to help explain some things.  What help is that? I don’t want to have to watch YouTube videos before or after a movie.  Everything I need to know about a story should be in the movie.  If I need a piece of information to help understand a characters motive stick it in the movie not on the internet.  

Now, it's Chris' turn for his worst of 2012...

5.  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Where do I even begin?  The story is just nonsense from start to finish.  The most painful part was the movie trying to make historical facts blend with the Vampire motif.  With action scenes pulled right out of the Matrix, we are lead to believe that Abe Lincoln is a martial arts expert and ace Vampire slayer.  No thank you.

4. The Watch - With a comedy dream team, this was supposed to be a huge blockbuster summer film. Instead, we got a very boring, plain, predictable action/comedy. The laughs were too far and few in between. Vince Vaughn is the same character he plays in every movie he is in. Same goes for Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill. Should it make a good movie if all 3 of them were together? Apparently not. Skip this bore fest, it's nothing we haven't seen a hundred of times.

3. The Raven - With John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe, this looked like it would be a great mystery movie. Instead, we got a very dull, boring "what if" movie. Cusack was horrible as Poe with no mystery about him, he plays it too campy. The story and premise was very promising but, a poor script and weak acting brought this to its knees.

2. Wrath Of The Titans - If the was ever a movie that didn't need to be made, this is it. With a forced story and weak script, Wrath is just a shamble of a movie. This one proves that if a film makes a profit, sequels are coming.

1. The Dark Knight Rises - This isn't the WORST movie of 2012 but, it is the most disapointing. I had high hopes for Christopher Nolan's final outing with Batman. I was given a ridiculous story and an even worse ending. If you are a fan of Batman, this should be a slap in the face. Tom Hardy was a fantastic Bane..Until the end (you'll know what i mean.) With stupid plot points, The Dark Knight rose only my blood preassure.

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