Friday, June 7, 2013

Saturday Trailer Blitz 6/8/13

This week we are trying something different for the Trailer Blitz.  Instead of posting trailers throughout the day we are going to give them all to you in one post.  So enjoy.

Blackfish- A documentary about the orca whale that killed it's trainer at Sea World.  From the looks of the trailer I think we got an early front runner for Best Documentary at the Oscars next year.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters- The second trailer to this summer sequel.

The To Do List - an over the top raunchy comedy that was supposed to get released on Valentines day but is finally getting it's release this summer.  Here is the red band trailer for the comedy about a virgin girl that wants to experience life before she goes to college.

Getaway -Ethan Hawke is back with another thriller. This time with Selena Gomez as a man who is being blackmailed by a mad man.

Runner Runner - Ben Affleck takes Justin Timberlake under his wing and teaches him the ways of rigging poker games.

Blue Jasmine - Woody Allen releases his annual movie. This time it is a little more serious.  Cate Banchett plays a women who's husband has embezzaled all her money and she is forced to start at the bottom.  What is most intriguing about this movie is seeing Andrew Dice Clay in a Woody Allen movie.  Who would have predicted that.

Paranoia - an big cast leads this movie about coprorate espionage

Insidious chapter 2 - The continuing story of the Lambert's as they try to figure out why they have a connection to the spiritual world

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