Monday, June 3, 2013

Box Office Wrap Up 6/3/13

Box Office Wrap Up
Summer is always fun to follow the box office. You never know what is going to happen.  So I am going to bring back my weekly recap.
 This weekend we saw the once untouchable Will Smith flop, the sixth movie in a franchise stay at number 1 for a  second week in a row and a Bollywood movie make the top 10.  Meanwhile the original and different summer movie Now You See Me opened stronger than expected.  It was one crazy weekend at the box office. 

1.        Fast and Furious 6 - $34.5 million Stays atop for the second week in a row and marks the 15th week in a row The Rock has had a movie in the top 10.

2.       Now You See Me - $28 million – No one expected this movie to beat Will Smith’s After Earth but it proved people like something different and not just sequels and explosions

3.       After Earth – $27 million – A Will Smith movie opening during the summer is supposed to be a blockbuster.  Apparently not when it is directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

4.       Epic – $16.4 million  - The only animated family movie out there and stays strong.

5.       Star Trek Into Darkness- 16.4 million – Not bad for its 3 weekend.

6.       The Hangover Part III - $15.9 million – Tumbling fast guess people don’t really care about the wolf pack anymore.

7.       Iron Man 3 - $8 million – The highest grossing movie of the year continues to do well in its 5th week.

8.       The Great Gatsby - $6.2 – Once thought of as a possible Oscar contender the movie seems to be fading fast.

9.       Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani - $1.7 – Not sure how a Bollywood movie ended up in the top 10 during the summer.  Guess there really aren’t many choices this year.

10.   Mud - $1.2 million – For an independent movie in its 6th week it is impressive that it made the top 10. 

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