Sunday, September 30, 2012

Milwaukee Film Fest Day 3: Planet of Snail

Day 3 of the film festival and Planet of  Snail was the movie of the day.

Planet of Snail is about Young-Chan a deaf blind man living in South Korea.  He is married to Soon-Ho who has a spinal disability.  The two communicate through  special tapping. The movie is a glimpse into their daily life as simple things like changing a light bulb becomes very difficult. Young-Chan is a poet and we here snippets of his poetry throughout the movie. The movie is told observational style and there is not much background info given. We learn about how they met during a conversation he has with old school buddies.  It really is just a snippet of life for these two. 

The movie is inspirational as we watch this amazing couple through out their day.  You can see they really love each other as they have their funny moments and serious moments.  The biggest problem I had with the movie was that it is slow at parts and it just didn't keep my attention. 

Overall 3 out of 5.  Inspirational but slow.

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