Friday, September 28, 2012

Milwaukee Film Fest Day 1: Starbuck

Opening night film at the 2012 Milwaukee Film Fest was the French Canadian comedy Starbuck.
Starbuck is about David Wozniak (Patrick Huard) a slacker who donated sperm under the name Starbuck. For a period of time his sperm was the only sperm used and consequently he is the biological father of over 500 children. Some of the children, now grown up, sue the sperm bank to release his identity. David is now faced with the choice to come out and accept his new role or avoid responsibility as has been his nature all along.

With a silly sounding premise I wasn't sure what to expect from the movie, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Writer and Director Ken Scott managed to make it funny as well as a heart warming story about family.  Patrick Huard pulled off the role as the slacker with a heart of gold perfectly.

The biggest issue I had with the movie was the subtitles were hard to read. I felt I missed some of the jokes because the white subtitles didn't show up very well on the white background. Not sure if it was just because I was in the back but it appeared that others around me were having the same trouble. The other issue I had personally was knowing that they are remaking the movie with Vince Vaughn in the leading role.  So for part of the movie I kept trying to figure out how Vince Vaughn would play the part.  Not known for his subtle acting skills it would seem that the movie would lose some of its heart.  But with Ken Scott back writing and directing I hope he can recreate the magic of this one. 

4 out of 5 stars. Funny and heart warming.

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