Friday, October 10, 2014

Milwaukee Film Festival 2014: Expedition to the End of the World

The documentary Expedition to the End of the World is a beautifully shot movie.  It is an interesting movie that takes us to part of the world that no one has seen. 

As the fjords in Greenland melt a new part of the ocean has opened up. A group of artists and scientists set out to explore this part of the world that no one has ever seen before. As they travel on the ship their eclectic personalities cone out. Their is a lot of philosophizing along with new discoveries. 

The appeal of this film is the cinematography and the scenery. The movie looks amazing. If you loved nature documentaries like "Winged Migration" and "Microcosmos" you will love this one.  But along with the scenery there is the group of people that adds another level to the movie. There is talk about the meaning of life, what it means to be an artist, and stories about being attacked by a polar bear. 

My biggest fear going into this movie was that it would be another doc about global warming. While that is an important topic I just didn't feel like sitting through another movie like that. Luckily this movie isn't about global warming. The scientists do talk about it and what it means for the future of the world it doesn't linger on it too long. And it is unavoidable to not think that without global warming their whole trip would not be possible. But while it is always there and in the back of your mind the movie focuses on exploration and the fascinating people on the trip.  

Overall: 3/5 Good movie but does get a bit dull at times and found myself losing interest at parts.  But worth checking out for the beautiful scenery.  

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