Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

We were very sad to hear about Robin Williams' death yesterday. And by now you have probably seen a million tributes and columns written about him. Well here is another one. What we wanted to do was highlight a few of our favorite movies of his. He had an amazing career and we couldn't list all of his movie but you will find some of his bigger ones and some smaller ones you may not recognize. Feel free to tell us what your favorites are.

Mork and Mindy 1978-While not a movie it was the show that put him on the map as an actor. 

The World According to Garp 1982- in one of his earliest roles he showed how much talent he had in both comedic and drama filled scenes. 

Good Morning Vietnam 1987- his first  Oscar nomination came from portraying war time radio DJ Adrian Cronauer. With the perfect mix of over the top comedy and serious wartime drama no one else could have pulled it off like he did.  

Dead Poets Society 1989-his second Oscar nomination came for playing a teacher that inspires his students. 

Awakinings 1990- this time in full serious mode Williams played a doctor who discovers a way to help Parkinson's patients. 

Aladdin 1992- not very often can a voice actor in an animated movie feel perfect but Williams' performance as the genie was the perfect fit and helped make that movie a classic. 

Toys 1992- Maybe one of his lesser known movies but one that I love. Here he plays the son of a toy maker who dies and his uncle takes over. Another movie filled with drama and comedy. 

Mrs Doubtfire 1993- what can you say about this movie except it is one of his most iconic roles. 

Good Will Hunting 1997- Williams finally won an Oscar for his role as a psychiatrist who helps Matt Damon's character get his life in order. 

Patch Adams 1998 - Another movie that showed Williams' ability to fuse comedy and drama.  Here he played a doctor who uses laughter to help his patients.  

One Hour Photo 2002 - Here he went a completely different direction and made one creepy movie.  Maybe not one of his best movies but we love that he went for the full creep mode.  .  

Insomnia 2002- Another movie where he played kind of a creepy role.  In Christopher Nolan's follow up to Memento he plays a murder suspect being pursued by a detective played by Al Pacino.  

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb 2014 - It hasn't come out yet but will be his last big movie and figured we had to end with it. His role as Theodore Roosevelt looks like it has been expanded which will make the movie that much more bittersweet. 

Of course movies were only a part of his career.  He was an amazing stand up comic with multiple hilarious specials. He also cohosted the Comic Relief specials for HBO to benefit those in need. 
For someone that brought people so much joy and laughter it's hard to imagine what kind of inner turmoil he was going through. And we just wanted to end by saying if you or someone you know is suffering from depression make sure to get the help needed. Depression is a serious and deadly disease.  
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  is 1-800-273-TALK (8255) 

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