Thursday, June 19, 2014

Movie review - Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer is a film based on a popular French graphic novel from 1982. Written and directed by Joon-Ho Bong who previously made the incredible sci fi film "The Host". Boon delivers another tense, sction packed sci fi thriller with Snowpiercer. With a stellar cast that includes Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Ed Harris, John Hurt and a fantastic performance from Tilda Swinton.

The story is set in a dystopian future where, a failed global warming experiment failed. The entire world is in a new ice age. The last survivors of Earth live on a perpetual motion train that circles the globe. There are two classes of passengers, in the back of the train are the lowest class. The workers of the train. In the front are the upper class. Living in a paradise unknown to the passengers in the back.

Chris Evans' plays Curtis who, at the beginning of the film has plans for a mutiny. After hearing rumors about what lies at the front of the train, he wants to lead his people there. With the help of his sidekick Edgar, played by Jamie Bell the plans are put into motion.

The film has a great deal in common with other dystopian future films like, Hunger Games and Soylent Green. Bong is known for his character development and, it really shines here. Each character is developed very well. John Hurt plays the "wise man" of the group. Giving an emotional performance, he was a welcome sight. One of the oddest characters was mason, played by the fantastic Tilda Swinton. She obviously had a lot of fun in her role.

As Curtis and his group make their way to the front, they uncover more of the truth about Snowpiercer and, the upper class that lives in the front. Boon does a very good job of creating a tense feeling here, the further they get to the front, the worse things get. We learn more about the backstory, the global warming, the Snowpircer itself.
 With a somewhat twisting ending, Snowpiercer was a blast to watch. This is absolutely recommended for you Sci Fi fans. A bit of random, useless trivia, Chris Evans had a beard here which he started growing shortly after filming The Avengers. By the time he filmed the after credit scene in the diner, he had a full beard. Obviously, Captain America didn't have that beard in the film so, he had a latex face put on. This explains why he looked bored with his face in his hands, in case you were wondering.

4 Milwaukee beers out of 5

Chris House
aka ArthriticZombie

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